Sunday, December 25, 2011


I am still learning this.  Next year I may have learned it more.  It*s probably another of those things I will  continue to learn. This year because of non-driving thing, I did on-line shopping exclusively.  Hence the boots from England.  The boots that were originally exactly what were asked for.  But not by Christmas morning.  Hmmm.   Probably lots is wrapped up in this.  This Christmas I remember my father for whom Christmas was particularly important.  I remember the bear puppet with the squeaker in his head that he got me when I was in seminary.  It was the perfect gift.  He saw me with another puppet... and he saw me.  Hard to explain, but it was the perfect gift.  Thomas (the bear puppet)(named after Thomas Aquinas) is still a vital part of my puppet collection.

Do not order boots from England
That cannot be returned easily,
Even if they are a good price.
Do not order semi-gloss boots
When shiny boots are obviously
The right thing.
Do not order navy blue
When it will surely morph to hunter green
Two days after the boots are ordered.
Gift certificates are good things.
Remember gift certificates.
Unless it comes with an exact serial number
Do not order it.
Remember gift certificates.
Better yet:
Think of things which match
The person*s eyes
Or complexion,
Things that line up with
His sense of humor,
Her whimsy.
Things that say:
When I saw this I thought of you,
Exactly you,
The way you move
The way you smile
The way you wrote the letter from Santa
In alternating red and green lines,
Noting special appreciation
From Prancer.
Think of things that better say
When I saw this
I thought of you
Exactly you.

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