Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guided by stars

In my living room is a framed Inuit print of an Inuit family on a sled packed with all their belongings, pointing to  a sky filled with stars.  This is the print that hangs over the table we use for the four piece Guatemalan Nativity set..  Years ago my daughter used to hide Baby Jesus in the table drawer before Christmas.  This morning the Nativity, the print, and oh yes, the mirror ball, all seem to be connected somehow.  And important.

In the chair next to the Christmas tree
I write.
Sunlight catches one of the small mirror balls,
Bounces light all over the ceiling
Of the living room.
The Guatemalan Mary and Joseph are in place
On the living room table.
They watch over Baby Jesus
Under an Inuit print,
Guided by Stars.
The print is huge.
It has hung there for years.
This morning the stars hold forth
For Mary and Joseph, Jesus,
The Wise Men on their way,
And me.
The mirror ball on the Christmas tree
Twists and turns
In the sun,
Bounces light.
The stars
Hold steady.

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