Sunday, January 1, 2012

26 letters are enough

I am studying for the CADC exam.  This is yet one more set of professional letters I can add to the list when I am done.  It will signify that I have successfully completed a course of study which will qualify me to be a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  I am finding every field has its string of letters, and it would be more than possible to keep adding to the string.  I won*t. I admit... it is tempting... but I won*t.  Today is the Feast of the Holy Name.  Today is the day of the Name Above All Names.  That name is, very simply:  Jesus.

I sit with the letters I have
Just like everyone else.
They are enough to name
What wants to be named,
What needs to be named,
What calls to be named,
With letters left over.
I sit with letters I have
Or not earned
Merely acquired.
Letters precede my name,
Proceed from my name.
Letters are my name.
They are Alpha-Bits:
They float in the breakfast milk;
Macaroni letters:
They swim in the chicken soup.
They are ancient wooden letter blocks
Left over from my childhood,
Wooden blocks with animals
On another side.
They are magnetic letters:
They taught me how to spell
On the refrigerator.
I sit with the letters I have
Just like everyone else.
New ones would not accomplish anything

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