Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cancelling the week

Last night I thought it would be good to cancel the week.  Nothing bad, really, just, well, it seemed to need a do-over.  But before calling and emailing the world to call everything off, I went to bed at 10.  This morning things look more possible, doable, even more sunny and warm.  It is interesting to me how such things grow in the dark.

Last night I decided
To cancel the week,
All appointments with the world,
Even though
It is a low appointment week.
This morning I think
If I*m going to do it right
I should wait for a week
Highly scheduled.
After all
Why waste a cancelled week?
This morning the cat
Is sound asleep in his patch of sun,
No snow on the ground
It is the end
Of January.
Even so
Spring threatens
To come early.
Maybe winter was cancelled
This year.
I missed the memo.
If I cancelled this week
I just might miss the start
Of spring.

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