Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clear glass

I look forward to new kitchen windows.  But really, I look for the time when I will see more clearly, all the way around.  Whether it is my eyes seeing more clearly, or windows without condensation, or the removal of all the things that get in the way of my seeing things as they truly are, I think about finally seeing through to the Truth.  Now we see in a glass dimly, or a mirror darkly.  The promise is that Then...Then... we shall see Face to Face.

Today I wait for clear glass,
The clearer
The better.
The day already moves to dusk
At four in the afternoon.
It seems I don*t worry so much about clarity
At dusk.
Come morning light
The clouded glass
Will show itself dim again.
I will move to think
What might possibly be
On a clear glass day,
Sunshine through clear glass before life
Has had its way with it,
Scratches on the double pane,
Water caught and condensed over years
Of use.
A bright hint remains:
What might possibly be the light
Direct and clear
As it was
At first.

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