Monday, January 2, 2012

Everyone knows

Here I am, on my own schedule again.  I figure the fact that I noticed church was only one service yesterday, at 10 and not 10:30, was a plus.  Although I didn*t notice carols at 10 before the 10:30 PM service Christmas Eve, and this morning we didn*t realize the trains were on holiday schedule, New Years Day, having fallen on a Sunday, is being celebrated, officially, today.  I should know.  After all, everyone else seems to know, time is not as it usually is at Christmas.

I should have known.
Everyone knows
That there are carols
Half an hour
Before the late service
On Christmas Eve.
Everyone knows
That when people are gone
After Christmas
There is one Sunday service at 10.
Everyone knows
The Monday after Christmas and New Years
Is holiday schedule
For the trains.
It seems everyone else
Got the message.
Clearly I should know
This is designated down time.
Yesterday was not officially
New Years.
Today is.

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