Friday, January 20, 2012

I love metaphors

I just finished Richard Rohr*s Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.  I think I will read it again.  It is difficult to describe.  Probably not a book to discuss one evening in a book group.  It helped me name a number of things I have been experiencing, including the lack of a need to box and label things to keep them in order.  I was delighted to hear my daughter declare a love for metaphors this week.  Another connection.

I love metaphors,
She says,
Fifteen and learning
There is more than one way
To describe anything.
I am in the second half of life
As we know it.
I love metaphors as well.
The book on the second half of life
Speaks of rafts and shores,
Finally landing in a place
And staying there.
I am a desert island
No raft adrift on an endless ocean
Seeking shore.
It is an endless ocean but I
I am somehow not adrift.
I do not need to travel anywhere.
I discover where I am.
I know shore connects to shore
Under the water.
I know shore connects to shore
With the water itself.
Sometimes new land emerges in a place
Never imagined
Underground oceanic volcanoes
I have never seen,
Seismic activity on the Richter scale
If I measure.
New unclaimed land.
I am connected there as well.

With my daughter
I love metaphors
We discover there is more than one way
To name anything
And everything.

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