Monday, January 30, 2012

More sky

I remember when I began therapy and the therapist likened the beginning sessions to dumping out the puzzle pieces.  In my jigsaw puzzle days,  I learned to find the edge pieces first.  Today I am working on the sky.  Of course it*s entirely possible my sky plans may defer to the black sticks of the elderberry bush in the garden bed.  Sky may come tomorrow.

Puzzle pieces on the dining table.
From time to time
The cat bats one or two under a chair.
I am in need of more sky
A cloud or two,
A particular shade of blue,
A hint of gray to match
The hint of gray
On the piece I hold.
By this time
The edges are pretty much
In place:
Today I work on the sky.
It bleeds from steel gray
To blue
To white.
The sky goes to ground
Blends with the snowscape.
There is no picture on the box,
In fact
No box anymore.
Just the Tupperware container
In its place.
I need more pieces of sky.
This morning I work
On the sky,
Unless of course it goes too quickly
To ground:
The elderberry bush
Black sticks in the garden bed.
It may be green
Come spring.
Today I need more sky.
There must be more pieces
Of sky.

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