Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitchen table

I have been introduced to the comic strip Coffee with Jesus on the Radio Free Babylon website.  I like it.  Tongue-in-cheek, yes, but it gets the point across.  It brings me back to that wedding sermon I heard years ago.

Once I heard a wedding sermon.
The preacher spoke of inviting Jesus
To the kitchen table
For breakfast
Every morning.
Not to worry about
How you were dressed
For the day;
Not to worry about
Whether the dinner dishes
Had been left in the sink
From the night before;
Not to worry about
How He took his coffee:
Black?  With cream or sugar?  Both?
My friend,
The one who got married that day,
Thought the sermon
Very odd.
I have thought about it
Ever since.
This month my husband and I
Began the process
Of kitchen renovation.
We will open it up
To the dining room.
There is no room
For a kitchen table.
I see Jesus sitting under the cat clock,
A cup of coffee warm in his hands.

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