Friday, January 6, 2012

One of those days

I hate those days when there is nothing bad to point to, but it is still one of those days.  I have to work to notice the good stuff, even when most of it is good, really good, not Pollyanna-good.  I have to work to notice it because if I don*t I will sabotage the outward goodness of the day.  This is hard work, this noticing. Sometimes a good night*s sleep brings a different day.

Yesterday was one of those days,
The kind I had to force myself
To notice
The sun shining.
For the third day running
I saw clearly.
I passed the credential test.
My supervision was more like
I left irritated,
Ready to quit
The whole thing.
Was one of those days.
I slept on it.

Today is day four
Of clear vision.
It is Epiphany, after all.
The sun is shining,
Not hard to see.
The lady across the creek
Feeds the ducks as she does all winter,
Every winter.
Today is another day,
Brighter, crisper, cleaner.
The wise men stand at the manger
In full Starlight.
It is time
To dismantle the Christmas tree,
To move on.

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