Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some went down to the sea in ships

I should have known.  The line Some went down to the sea in ships rang in my head all afternoon.  I did not know from whence it came.  So I googled it.  Then I read the rest of Psalm 107 and found the line nestled in the middle.  Unlike the others mentioned in the Psalm, the mariners already beheld God*s works and wonders, but still needed to be reminded his mercy.  They still needed to realize God was responsible for their being brought to safe harbor.  Me too.

Some went down to the sea in ship
And plied their trade in deep waters;
They beheld the works of the Lord
And his wonders in the deep. 
                                     Psalm 107:23-24
1979 Book of Common Prayer

God spoke to the complacent.
They plied their trade,
Amidst his works and wonders.
He tossed them high on the waves of the sea,
Crashed them down to the depths.
They too found the need for deliverance.
He stilled the storm in a whisper.
He brought them to safe harbor.
They too found themselves,
Despite themselves,
Delivered home.

There is no place God cannot find me,
No place I have put myself,
No place I find myself,
That God does not pour mercy,
That God
Does not do wonders,
That God does not remind me,
Even when I know I*ve seen it all
There is more mercy coming.
Despite myself,
I have seen nothing yet.

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