Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When I have no idea what Yes might mean

Some days it seems God has cleared my plate to encourage me to consider things I usually wouldn*t consider.  No.  Encourage is too nice a word.  Today it feels more like bully.  Today I am in the vertigo stage.  

When I have no idea
What Yes might mean
It seems easier to say
The fall
The dive
The spin
 Into the idea of Yes
Gives me vertigo before I even begin.
I close my eyes.
I hope
When I open them
There will be meadows of lush green grass
Fields of clover
No bees or burrs or brambles.
Peculiarities (Yes)
Possibilities (Certainly)
Even Considerations.
They might bring me
To something
I*ve never encountered
Something good.
It is much easier
To say No
When I have no idea
What Yes might mean.

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