Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Collected in the palm of God*s hand

This is in part my vision of Heaven: People and all the world hanging out in the palm of God*s hand.  Sure some are still hiding on the edges, but perhaps in time, perhaps in God*s time, we*ll all find our way to the crossing of the life line, and the heart line.

Once again I see disparate people
Collected in the palm
Of God*s hand.
The hand is calloused
From hard labor.
Forget all the cartoons
About the different rooms
In heaven,
The dividing walls that allow everyone
To stay safe in a home
Of their choosing.
Heaven is that hand outstretched,
Calloused from hard labor.
Disparate people:
They believe disparate things.
One hides in the shadow
Of the thumb,
Another hangs out
With the little finger.
A number have found the life line,
The heart line,
The places the lines come together,
Disparate people
Collected in the palm
Of God*s hand.

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