Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creativity speaks to the presence of God

A middle of the nighter, this one.  Sometimes I get a one-liner that kicks me out of a warm bed.  There in the backyard the moon shines so white on the snow... it is simply simply stunning.

Speaks to the presence of God:
The voice that awakens
In the middle of the night.
The moon:
It shines even whiter
On new snow.
The voice:
It commands us to look,
To see
The sheer whiteness,
Not think of snow shovel,
But Moon and White and Snow
The voice that says
Look and know
In all combined:
This is the Presence of God,
The way it all connects.
I woke you up
So you could see,
My voice loud yet
Whisper soft,
So you could see Moon and White,
And Snow
See what I have done
So simple
So simple
I woke you up
So you could see
And Name Me.

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