Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thin places

I really did google thin places as if there would be some sort of thin place directory.  There wasn*t.  I only found people arguing about its origins and who owned it.  I was looking for a map.  No map.  I knew my experience in Santa Fe was of a thin place.  But is it for everyone?  Probably not.  I list the responses I got from four separate Navaho about the Corn Dance.  I think about the Eucharist and our attempts to describe it.  Perhaps the only real answer is How was it for you?

While I wait to find out
About Iona,
I wonder if there is a map
Of the thin places
Of the world,
The places where heaven and earth
Or at least breathe
into each other.
Perhaps I can go
To one of them.
My research says
There is no common mind around
Who has ownership
Of the term
Thin places.
Certainly no map
I smelled heaven*s breath
When I stayed in Santa Fe,
The scent at morning*s arrival,
The thinner air,
Two coyotes passed me by
At dusk.
The indefinable Corn Dance:
No one would name its meaning
I don*t know
I*m not allowed to tell.
And finally
How was that for you?
What did it mean to you?
No one owns the thin place,
The meaning
Of the thin place.
There is no map.
I am told in Iona the air
Is thin.
Perhaps I will see
What it means to me.

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