Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today Jonah is my kin

I am glad the book of Jonah is contained in the Bible.  Jonah*s recalcitrance, his reluctance to follow what God would have him do, gives me hope.  On days when I know God has placed me where He wants me, and I have a better idea, which of course, is not better, Jonah gives me hope, even when I don*t see the way home.

Today Jonah
Is my kin,
My brother under the skin.
I sit under the plant
On the beach,
Look out to the sea
Under the plant
God has grown
To give me shade.
 I sit in sulk and sorrow and anger
Yes, anger.
People hear
What God wishes them to hear.
They hear a voice.  It sounds like mine
At my best.
They repent.
Yes, I admit it:
They repent.
I know the right response is
Awe at the beauty of it all.
I know the right thing to see
Is the graced beauty
Of it all.
Today Jonah is my kin,
Brother under the skin.
I watch the plant shrivel
As the worm chews.
There is no whale waiting
To swim me home.
No ship.

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