Saturday, February 11, 2012

Urban Meadows

What are those things that bring us closer to health, closer to living more fully?  Today*s newspaper brought the story of a florist shop in Chicago which was created specifically to provide jobs for those with severe mental illness.  In warmer weather I garden.  It is no surprise to me that flowers may bring out the best in us, even grow us into fuller human beings.  Here is a link to the article:,0,5750000.story

She learns to stick with it
Longer and longer
As time goes on:
This woman who arranges flowers
For her life.
She has talent
Yet flowers
Give her reason
For living;
Flowers offer the entirety
Of what they are
To her arrangements,
Value displayed
In each arrangement.
There is little suspicion
From others
She has not arranged flowers
For hours and hours
Every day
For years upon years.
She learns to offer each arrangement
She has talent
The flowers fill more and more of the spaces
The voices filled.
Now she is filled more and more
With flowers.
She has talent
And flowers.

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