Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walk for short, drive for long

Often I do not figure out what I need to do or not do for Lent until Lent actually arrives.  Lent has now arrived.  I will blog in a separate space for Lent (  but because I am one person, Lent will most likely permeate this one as well.  Next week I will move back to driving myself (Yeah!), but I am also aware of what I have gained in walking places.  For Lent I will continue to walk those shorter distances, and drive the longer ones.

They say it will snow today.
We will see.
The duck lady across the way
Wears a red vest.
Perhaps she knows something
I don*t.
Perhaps she prepares for the winter
We have yet to really see.
Perhaps she has an extra supply
Of corn.
She waits for the snow.
Today I am home.
I savor my last week
Of chauffeured freedom.
After next week
I will maintain the freedom
To walk,
To see other walkers,
To note the time it takes
To go from point A
To point B,
To pay attention to the line
That connects
The two.
For Lent I will walk
For short,
For long.
Every day
I will walk for short.
Every day
I will drive for long.
Every day I will endeavor
To savor
The choice.

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