Saturday, February 4, 2012

Waxing gibbous

Language is a funny thing.  I think our brains work to find the connections, everything with everything else.  I think they are meant to operate this way.  I think God made us this way, to see our connections, one with another, our infinite connections one with another.  Forget the six degrees of separation... that*s a lot.  No, we are all connected, here and now and forever.  You and me, the chief of the Kayapo people of Brazil, the new Brazilian president, and species heretofore unknown, and even the waxing gibbous moon.

I am back to the weather page                                             
On the web.
It is 36.7 degrees Fahrenheit
Where I live.
Apparently it feels
Like 34.
The moon
Is waxing gibbous.
Waxing gibbous…
It sounds like an animal
From the rain forest.
It lives in the trees of Brazil.
Even when I dally,
When I hide
On the weather page,
I am brought back
To less ordered,
Less safe topics.
This morning the moon
Waxes gibbous
On the weather page.
The thought of waxing gibbous
Returns me to the picture
Of the chief of the Kayapo tribe.
I see the chief.
He weeps for his people.
They will lose their home
When the river is dammed,
The rain forest is flooded.
They will lose their home
So the third largest hydroelectric plant
In the world
May bring progress.
Many species will also disappear.
Perhaps the waxing gibbous
Among them.

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