Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The world is a Petri dish

I don*t think it*s the flu, but almost everyone I know seems to have a cough, congestion and even dizziness. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer outside my office door for all the parents and teachers and children of the morning nursery school.  My son*s father is a tumor immunologist at NIH.  I can still ask him medical questions, if necessary, but now I am married to a political scientist.  The world being a Petri dish has taken on new dimensions.  It*s been a mild winter.  It seems like all the hand sanitizer in the world just won*t do it.

The verdict remains unknown:
Whether hand sanitizer,
Disinfectant wipes,
Make the world
A safer place
or merely
Don*t give our immune systems
Once we went to the local pond.
They had stocked it knee deep
In fish.
Every small boy had a fishing pole.
It was sunny and warm.
All the parents
Were lined up behind the boys
With buckets.
I sat next to the mother
Of my son*s friend.
She had the biggest bottle
Of hand sanitizer
I have ever seen.
She cleaned her son*s hands
After every fish.
The world is a Petri dish,
The whole blooming world.
The whole blooming stinking wonderful world
Is a Petri dish.
It is impossible to clean our hands
After every fish.
The world is a Petri dish.
It is impossible to know
What might grow.

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