Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let it grow

I often leave the radio off when I'm driving. Some of my best prayer time is in the car. Today the roadside was in full bloom... a beautiful sight. My backyard is a tangle of Creeping Charlie. The pots I never planted this year have sprouted latent purple petunias.

In the quiet of the car
The queen anne’s lace
The blue and yellow flowers
I have not identified
Wave to me
From the unmown edges
Of the road.
Do not mow.
Do not mow.
Do not mow.
There used to be signs
Specific signs
They declared these flowers
Off limits.
Now they seem
To be left on their own
To wave
Proclaim white and blue and yellow
In unplanted swathes,
In unmown patches.
Let it grow
Let it grow
Let it grow
Watch from the edges
What emerges.

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