Thursday, July 2, 2015

With those who work

A second reflection on a favorite bedtime prayer:

I remember, years ago, taking my turn as the on-call chaplain at night. One time I talked with a youth group touring the city at night. They met with me to find out what I did. I was only one stop on their tour. I admired the woman who thought to do this, to put together such a tour, to open eyes to the City at night, the people at work there.

God has a night ministry.
She walks the streets
Roams the alleys
Finds her way
To the Emergency Room.
I have met Her there.
She holds babies born
After hours,
Swaddles them in soft blankets.
She finds all who claim the night hours
To be their time to work,
Night hours borne for the cleaning
Of office buildings;
Night hours for those
Who see stars
As their livelihood.
God has a night ministry.
She keeps tabs
On those who work
In the dark.

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