Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacation church

This is the problem with clergy visiting other churches. My tendency is still to assess the worship experience: What works, what doesn't. It doesn't matter that I mainly worship in the pew these days. I am on vacation, which means "vacation church." The bread was square. The wine tasted like grape juice. My daughter told me it was wine. If so, it was a grape juicy wine. It was good to find out that children are still children here.

We sat in the back row of church
In Black Mountain.
The music was lovely,
Even supplemental.
There was a massive Jesus window
Behind the altar
One arm to the sky
One arm down
So we could tell
He identified as both God and man
But He was still
Very white.
The bottom of the window
Held mountains.
The young boy
At the end of our pew
Crawled under the pew in front,
Then back,
Then under again.
People laughed.
A good sign.
That massive Jesus
One arm up
One arm down
Will stick with me
For a while.

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