Friday, September 18, 2015


For Martha, and me, and Renee and oh, probably everyone.

We are meant
To be connected
Within ourselves,
With one another
And yes
Of Course
With God.
Yesterday was all about
The Whole thing
The Whole Embodied Thing,
And connection.
Everywhere I looked yesterday
Of course
But also
The woman in the Starbucks parking lot
She fell
Two cups of coffee in hand,
One with Mom written
On the cup.
We got her to sit
In a chair outside,
Clouds piled up
In the distance
The police were called
She disappeared
Simply disappeared
Into the wind and rain
This reminder of connection
Now without
Those two cups of coffee.
I hope she found Mom.
I hope we all find Mom
Whichever Mom we need to find
We embodied souls
In the wind and rain,
Often inclined to disappear,
May we be found.
May we all be found.

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