Thursday, September 10, 2015

I find my seat

Life continues interesting. Good to see a classmate from Wheaton (Hi, Betty!), then there was the woman who sat on my other side. I introduced myself, she introduced herself and told me I looked familiar. We were, all three of us, sitting in a sea, perhaps on the shore of a sea of fresh-scrubbed faces. The topic was complex trauma treatment. Yes.

I find my seat
In the back of the room,
A room of fresh-scrubbed
Young faces.
I do not know most everyone here
Yet they are still familiar
From not so long ago.
A woman arrives late,
Slides into the chair next to me.
Of course
Is someone who had invited me
To apply for a job,
Un-invited me,
Then invited me again,
Then forgot it all entirely.
Now she barely remembers
Who I am.
In this sea of fresh-scrubbed faces.
In this sea of fresh-scrubbed faces.

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