Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Passing pumpkins

When we don't do one thing, we're doing another. It's always a choice. The pumpkin unloading Saturday is the same Saturday as Wheaton Homecoming. I will be there filling lawns, one pumpkin at a time, one town over. 

Instead of unloading pumpkins
Joining the long line
Passing pumpkins,
I will be
Somewhere else.
I will find new people
In lines of their own
Passing pumpkins
Person to person
To make a bigger picture
In the end.
We will fill lawns and lawns
With pumpkins,
Sell them
One at a time.
Instead of unloading pumpkins,
Instead of passing pumpkins,
I will be the next town over
With a different sort
Of pumpkin
One at a time.

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