Friday, October 30, 2015


Halloween 2015. We don't buy the candy until it's almost time for trick or treat-ers. One neighbor only buys enough candy for two apiece, based on last year's number. She was gone one year, and her husband was left to hand out candy. He was not informed of the "rule." He gave out handfuls, then ran out. He laughed. She laughed. They have been married a bit longer than us. I notice no blow-up skeletons on their lawn. Children will still be guaranteed two pieces of candy. I expect she will be home this year.

The neighbors next door
Have a blow-up skeleton
With a removable head
On their lawn.
The front door
Is covered
By a green witch.
We have three pumpkins,
One in each planter
On the front walk.
Three pumpkins
Surrounded by purple petunias,
A box of Halloween decorations
Including a screaming spider
Hides somewhere
In the basement.
We have not seen the box
In years.

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