Saturday, October 17, 2015

I listen

This morning I opened my email and found an interview with Mary Oliver. At eighty, she has moved from Provincetown to South Florida. She talked about her writing process. She eschews the computer. I write almost exclusively on the computer. My handwriting is atrocious. Tomorrow I preach on prayer. I hardly feel qualified. Yet preach I will.

I listen
To Mary Oliver and recognize
A kindred spirit,
She who writes with pencil and pad
In the woods.
At eighty
She writes
In the mangroves.
I write from this blue chair
Catch the sounds
Of massing grackles.
Of course God has ordered each of us
In different ways
Yet oh so similar.
Tomorrow I preach
On prayer:
What every Christian
Should know.
Who am I to say?
Mine is a snippet.
Who am I to say?
Mine is a snapshot.
Who am I
To offer how others
Might pray?
Tomorrow I preach
On prayer.
There’s no right way
There’s no wrong way
Everything counts.

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