Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Morning mosaic

I admire people who work on their writing. I don't. I place words in an order which seems right. Then I leave it. I am concerned about worrying something to death. So I don't. I figure tomorrow's mosaic, or collage will be different.

I approach writing
Like a morning mosaic
The words are colored glass
Maybe a rock
From the backyard
Maybe a leaf
From the redbud
Maybe more like a collage,
One picture among many.
I have no idea
Which ones are good
In anyone’s eyes.
I write in the morning,
A morning mosaic,
Write down the words
That come
Put them in place,
Leave them be.
Tomorrow will bring
Something else
Another mosaic
Another collage
Different colors or maybe
Another in a series.
I never know
What comes next.

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