Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Not in competition

This is today. It may change tomorrow. I am grateful for today... gray and rainy with a tinge of gold.

On a day such as this one,
I realize
I am not in competition
With any living soul.
Or dead soul
For that matter.
On a day like this
I have scheduled
Lunch with a friend,
One client this evening.
My writing
Is my writing.
I can rejoice
Fully rejoice in theirs.

I can pray for my friends
Facing surgery
Or recovery
Or whatever stage
They have entered
Or left,
While I realize
Whichever stage I am in
And pray for me
On a day like this
I am not in competition
With anyone
Today is lovely
Gray and rainy
With a tinge of gold.
I am not
In competition
With anyone.

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