Friday, November 13, 2015

Bright wonder

I think I will be processing this for a long while. Now comes the news from the state that I can not drive. Of course I can not drive. I do not remember what happened five minutes after I left home. I lost at least three hours a week ago Monday. Thankfully no one was hurt. Of course I can not drive.

It is possible to leave home
With no inkling
You will find yourself
In an emergency room
Sometime later,
God has been in charge
All along.
It is possible
To leave home
Find out
Your brain malfunctioned
While driving
And a whole community of people
Gathered around
And even continue
To gather around.
God pulls threads,
Reweaves and patches holes,
Adds a person here
And a person there
And even
Bright wonder
That everything continues on
In such unimagined ways.

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