Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am learning to change my punctuation, putting semi-colons where I once put periods. Life is so much more interesting with semi-colons. I am considering a semi-colon tattoo. I know this is a reflection in itself, and may have little to do with what follows. So be it.

Some people
Are exactly on time
For everything.
I am learning
To be less exact,
More gracious,
More understanding.
Here I am.
Here you are.
We are all
Never really exact at all,
Even if we pretend
We are.
Here I am.
Here you are.
Exactness is a figment
Even if we almost always
Arrive on time.

Goodbye exactitude.
Hello approximation.

Here I am.
Here you are.
Not a bad way
To start a new year.
Not a bad way
To begin.


  1. hmm, catching up here, but missed the semi-colons in this post - none; zero; nada. how would it read with semi-colons? Here I am; here you are. Perhaps it's the pause that refreshes, not the full stop.