Wednesday, December 9, 2015

At least

I read of a man with epilepsy who, in the midst of a seizure, knocked on a stranger's door and demanded to see the giraffes in her backyard. Of course she called the police. Of course they arrested him. Then they found his epilepsy bracelet. At least I've never done something like that, I thought. Then I remembered my last visit to the ER, after I had an accident I don't remember, at an intersection I never drive to, having gotten there through five stoplights and a train crossing. I will not be driving again, even though I've never demanded to see the giraffes in anyone's backyard, even though I know giraffes live in Africa, or in zoos.

At least
I’ve never done that
At least
I’ve never said that
At least
I’ve never made
That mistake
I’ve made others
Equally bad
Equally weird.
Actually often,
There are others there
To save me
From myself.
So we can cry
Maybe even laugh

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