Sunday, December 20, 2015

Epiphany tableau

I love how the story is retold year by year.

I remember the church:
It held an Epiphany tableau
Instead of a Christmas pageant.
Instead of three kings
It offered Native American dancers
Down the aisle.
People left many things
At the manger.
One family left the church
For something “more formal”
As if
Nativity pageants ever offer
The way it probably was,
As if the pageant
Or tableau is not rewritten
Every year
No matter where it is.
My favorite is still the year
The triplets
Played the kings,
And their best friend
In the world
Played Herod.
She did not want to be left behind
So she visited the manger
With her friends,
Knelt with them
In homage to the baby Jesus.
With that picture
I saw the world begin to change.

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