Friday, December 4, 2015

Finally the ginkgoes

I wait for this every year. In college we had a ginkgo tree on the front lawn. It was the first time I noticed it lost all its leaves at once. I watch for ginkgoes every year, hoping to catch the "let loose" day. Most times I don't, but still, most times it's enough to walk out the door and find the ground fully covered in gold.

With the giving up
Comes the taking on.
The ginkgo outside the church
Finally let loose.
The ground is a sea of gold,
No matter the snow.
It is too late to rake.
The gold will remain
Under the snow
‘til spring.
It is the way
Of gingkoes
For those who see
Such things
And even for those
Who pay little attention,
It is still the way
Of gingkoes.
With the giving up
Comes the taking on
The watching for such things
As gingkoes loosing all their leaves
At once.

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