Monday, January 18, 2016

Whyever did I think?

For Martin and me and you, heck, all of you.

Whyever did I think
There would come a time
When the participation in,
The organization of,
Prayer vigils
Would come to an end?
It remains
In the same category
As the final obtaining
Of some sort of licensure
From some body of people
So I could prove to them
Every two or three years
I was still worthy
To pile letters
After my name.
Whyever did I think
I would see this time,
This halcyon
Dreamed about,
Prayed about
This time when the lion
Would lie down
With the lamb;
When the licensed
Might see the unlicensed
As having something of worth
To offer?
Whyever did I think
I might pray such limits
We might walk
We might skip together
In newly mown fields
Like children,
Look up at the sun
And know,
Simply know,
All of us know
It is good.

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