Thursday, February 4, 2016

Making plans

I understand people downtown think there are no resources for alcoholic clergy. Come on, folks. Come on. Really? Of course...there are so many systems that encourage denial. Clergy are notoriously reluctant to seek help. Alcoholics will do everything they can do to avoid admitting they have a problem. A double whammy. And I thought I would get schooling to assist this double whammy category? Really? Whatever was I thinking?

Change once more.
Why be surprised?
Change is our only constant.
We are assured
Today will be something different
Than we expected.
Ah yes
Plans once again
Dashed to the ground
Buried in the front
And back lawns.
Still we make plans
With ourselves
With our companions
With whomever appears
At the door.
We laugh.
We cry.
We say
Of course
Of course
Of course
We make more plans.

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