Friday, February 19, 2016

Room for change

Wow. This one didn't go where I thought it would go. I'd forgotten about the magical order of PEMDAS. Sometimes subtraction comes first. Today I am unsubscribing from a few automatic email sites. Farewell Lands End. Goodbye J. Peterman.

I spend every Lent
In addition and subtraction,
Multiplication and division
Of thoughts and actions.
There is always room for change.
Sometimes I keep it on the bedside table;
Sometimes it rattles around
In my coat pocket.
When I buy a sandwich
The change goes
In the tip jar.
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division
There is always room for change.
Change adds pathways
To our brain,
Subtracts others.
We all have different orders
Of operation.
It’s not PEMDAS
For everyone
In that magical order.
But change
Is absolute.
Change itself

Is absolute.

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