Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do you remember?

A range of memories, this one from years ago on a vacation trip. Ah, the things we do in our twenties. Still, we met the best Chrysler Mechanic in Montana. 

Do you remember
When the night was falling
In Montana
The car headlights
Growing dimmer
And dimmer
We thought we’d never make it
Yet still
We pulled off the road
Found a place to sleep
Ir smelled of cigarettes
But the owner knew
The best Dodge Dart mechanic
In Montana.
He agreed to take a break
From his hunting trip
To fix our alternator.
Do you remember
That trip?
The lights growing dimmer
And dimmer
Yet still
We made it
We made it’
We barely made it
Off the exit  ramp
In the dark.

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