Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Origami crow

It is my beloved's birthday. He is sleeping in because that is one of his favorite things to do. I am grateful I bought his birthday present in March, before all Hell broke loose. He is a particular fan of crows. All birds really. But crows in particular, This is part of his present as well. One I can still give in the aftermath of Hell appearing.

I want to get back
To writing every day
Writing every day.
It doesn’t quite matter
What I say.
Today is the birthday
Of my beloved
I bought his present
Before all Hell
Broke loose.
Did I know something?
I lie in the rented hospital bed
With his present
Displayed on the bookshelf
In front of me
An origami crow
Made of recycled barbecue grills
Found on Brighton Beach
Even though we vowed
Not to collect any more
At this stage in our lives.
How could I resist
An origami crow
From recycled barbecue grills
Collected on Brighton Beach?
I bought it and gave it
All Hell broke loose.

Did I know something?

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