Monday, April 10, 2017

Donkey island

In Minnesota (and...I understand Wisconsin) people spend summers going Up North to The Cabin on The Lake. Of course these are all different cabins and different lakes. Ours had burros.

My grandfather grew up
Enamored with burros.
When he could afford one
He bought that piece of land
With a Cabin
Up North
On a Lake.
He bought two burros,
Built a corral
Gave them shelter
In a wood shed.
One burro
Was pregnant.
One burro
Was male.
Soon there were too many burros
For a woodshed
So he built a barn.
In the woods
Did I mention
The woods?
The burros roamed
On the shores
Of the Lake
Up North
I went to camp
We canoed on that Lake
Did you know
They said
Did you know
About Donkey Island?
Who would believe it?
They’re burros
I said
They’re my grandfather’s burros.

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