Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I am not happy with this. Or maybe happy is not the right word. I have resisted writing about this. I did not title it walls or wailing because it seems I might use those titles for another reflection. Still, it seemed I should write something. So this is it for today. My something.

The wall demolished
Which made Germany
The Wailing Wall
Oh yes
The Wailing Wail
It allows
If we build another wall
Either from one side
Or the other
No matter who
Pays for it.
If good fences
Make good neighbors
As the poet maintained
The neighbor piece
The good piece
Still means we have to see
Our neighbor,
As the Germans did
With family
On both sides.
We wail
We are so familiar
With walls.
We build them
All the time.
We put prayers
In the chinks.
There are always
There are always
And always
May we wail.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No more adventures

With laughter comes deeper comprehension.

He tells me
“No more adventures.”
My beloved says
“How dare he”
“How dare he
Label your hospital stays
Your falls
Each one
Does indeed bear a note
Of tragedy.
Each one
Might have been
I see
Each one’s point.
I have to laugh.
With laughter
Comes deeper
No more adventures
As if
I set out
Like Robin Hood
Every day.
Every walk around the block
Is an adventure.
I have to laugh.
With laughter
Comes deeper

Monday, July 17, 2017


Only a few more perennials to plant: milkweed, bee balm. Then I think we're done. Meanwhile the kitten watches the robin.

The fledgling robin
Figures out
What he needs
To eat
Spreads his wings
Fluffs his tail
Scores a linden berry
An ant
A dirt bath.
Looks pleased
A few spots
On his chest.
The bare garden spots
Are his
Until he figures out
To fly south.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

On to the next thing

Here we go. Digging up dirt around the fountain, adding mushroom compost, planting bee balm for the bees, butterfly weed and milkweed, and some grasses we found at the nursery.

On to the next thing
Perennials around the fountain
Lavender and grasses
A few Echinacea.
They should have been planted
Last week
But thanks be to God
It poured rain
On Thursday
So they held off
For the weekend.
Now it’s time.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Every day has its mission. Some are more interesting than others. We are trying to decide who will be our next roofer. As I said, some missions are more interesting than others. The roof mission is before the new shutter mission.

The mission for today
Is to scope out
A roof in Bartlett.
I wonder if they will know
We are not prowlers
To stake out
Their home
But are only there
To see their roof:
Its style
Its composition
Its pitch
Its color.
Will they know?
Will they even
Be home?
And if they notice
Will they care?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I don't want to do this anymore

Nothing will be a favorite with everyone.

The preschool
Offered many activities.
One day they dipped their feet
In black paint
Walked across newsprint.
The teacher
Carefully wrote
What each one said
About the experience
On their newsprint
“it’s wet”
“It’s squishy”
“It’s cold”
My favorite:
“I don’t want to do this anymore”

Grease traps

Everyone, everything, has his or her own field of expertise.

My beloved
Is the church expert
On grease traps.
I never knew
Such things existed
Knowing him.
These are no
Mere drains.
The kitten
Is the house expert
On catching flies.
Not just any flies
But house flies
And pantry moths.
Her eyes pick up
A wide range
Of flying things.
We watch them
I am not as interested
In grease traps.