Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuna fish

I can still taste the tuna fish.

Some days
The poems arrive
In my in-box,
They seem more poignant
Than other days.
Some days
Like today
I didn’t hear
The alarm
Which went off
Three times.
I never heard it.
It did wake up
My beloved
He informed me
You can have another
Ten minutes
That’s my line
I thought.
I was having a dream
About making a tuna fish sandwich
For a woman I was visiting
In a nursing home
And then eating half of it.
This is when I missed
Three alarms
Only to arise
Eat breakfast
Realize the tuna fish
Didn’t count.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Soon enough

When order comes undone, I miss it. This week one of the things which brings order to my life will be missing. It will most likely be back next week. 

When order
Comes undone
And I must create
New order
In my dreams
Ask the cats
Ask the tortoise
Ask the sun
Ask the moon
Even ask my feet
Where new order
I know it all resides
Ah order
You live somewhere.
Soon enough
I will find you
Or you
Will find me
Maybe even
Shake my hand.
Soon enough

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I was a Classics major in college. My senior thesis was comparing two translations of Homer's Odyssey. Lattimore and Fitzgerald. I chose Fitzgerald. His rosy-fingered dawn has always stayed with me. This is Rose Sunday, the Sunday those churches with money for pink vestments wear rose and maybe add a flower or two around the altar.

Forty years ago
I wrote a thesis
On the rosy-fingered dawn,
Which translation
Said it best:
The literal
The poetic.
I chose poetry.
I continue to choose poetry
Nigh on
Forty years later.
The thesis is gone.
The poetry remains
Rosy-fingered dawn
I hold up my hands
Picture the sun
A poem
In itself.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


It's amazing what a long long sleep will do. It's amazing the number of excuses we can make. It's Saturday. It's gray. The cats are furry. We will order pizza for dinner.

We slept
Way too long
Now we have to plan
Oh Saturday
The schedule is all
Out of whack
This is not the first Saturday
This has happened
This one though
Takes the cake
Here we are
Here I am
Confessing this
To the world
I blame it on the rain
The hard hard rain
This morning
The cats snuggled in
I did not have
To compose a sermon
Though it’s been years
Since I have preached.
This is my sermon
For today.
Has yet
To be planned.
We will eat

Friday, March 24, 2017

Happenstance man

Growing my community...one happenstance person at a time.

I work my way
Down the list.
I am not good
At asking for help.
I made a list
To begin with.
It started
With the logical folk
I hope
I pray
It will include
The happenstance.
I am not quite ready
For happenstance.
I met a happenstance man
At the gym
He called me Ma'am
He thanked people he knew
For being there.
He was amazing
Shaved head.
Happenstance man
I want to be
like him.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wise people

In over thirty years of Nativity pageants I have experienced the range.

One year the wise men
Played by the parish triplets
Were joined at the manger
By their best friend
Another year
In a parish
With no children
The wise folk
Came down the aisle
In feathers and bells
As Native American dancers.
One couple was so disturbed
They left the parish
Took their gourmet cookware
From the parish kitchen.
This meant
Parish dinners were potlucks
from then on.
Wisdom comes
In many forms.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Once, in parish ministry, I launched a program called Adventures with Catharine. I invited people to teach me something. One parishioner tried to teach me to make mayonnaise. She was a chef. I, not so much. We had lunch afterwards, with mayonnaise she had made. We laughed a lot. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Years ago I learned
I am not good
At making mayonnaise
From scratch.
It was dreadful.