Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Someone's accomplishment

This time it was only broken ribs (from this month's CPR) and gallstones.

I am
Someone's accomplishment
I am told I died
And came back.
Of course I do not remember
The death
The immediate arrival home.
The ER doctor told me
Last night
My chart
Is a story.
It is good
I returned
I could show how I look
By ice packs.
I forget
All have a part to play
In my return,
In anyone's return
The accomplishment
Is all of ours
Most of all

Sunday, June 23, 2019


My first, hopefully ONLY, experience with a respirator.  

I know
Sometimes it's necessary
But with a tube
We can not speak
When our hands are tied
We can not write
The words stay hidden.
Still there.
Others may speak in.
We may not speak
I may need
To speak for years
To recover
From the three day episode
With the tube
Just enough sedative
To hear.
Not speak.
Not write.