Thursday, December 31, 2015


Amazing the things that are found when one memory is unpacked. Unpack one today and see what comes.

My daughter thinks
She will make applesauce today.
I remember the Foley food mill:
All those apples
That made their way
Through it,
The finished product
With whipped cream
And a sprinkle
Of nutmeg
On top.
Of course back then
It seemed Macintosh
Was the order of the day,
No fancy apples;
Back then when the eggman
Delivered eggs
From the trunk of his car,
And corn
When it was in season.
I don’t remember
Who delivered the apples.
I do remember
The Foley food mill
Being allowed to make applesauce,
Then the pleasure,
Whipped cream and nutmeg
On top
The mixing it all together
Before the first spoonful.

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