Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's your specialty?

It's foggy today. It feels appropriate to my state of mind. I had a client once, let's say her name was, oh, Elizabeth. She said, I would like my diagnosis to be *Elizabeth*  I told her: That works for me.  I feel the same way about my specialty. I figure it's kind of a priest thing.

I am often asked
What’s your specialty?
I am learning to say
I don’t have one.
Thirty plus years as a priest.
Sixty years of living.
No specialty because that
Might omit
This new person,
These new people,
Who just walked through
The door,
Perched themselves
On the sofa.
I have learned to say
Let’s see
If we can work together.
You are not a diagnosis
Let’s see.

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