Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cat person

We meet the person who will potentially take care of the cats while we are gone. Juneau will meet him lovingly. Calli will most likely hide. She looks like a different animal since her "groom" or "kind of groom." We have never had a cat who needs grooming before. She was part of a litter of "woods kittens." Now she looks like a shorn sheep.

We meet the cat person
This evening.
The older cat
Will love him.
He loves everyone.
The younger cat
Will most likely hide
She takes forever
To warm up
To anyone.
Her groomer
Clipped the mats
From her fur.
She now looks
Like a partially shorn
She would not sit still
For the whole groom.
We meet the cat person
This evening.
He will meet
One cat.
The sheep cat
May never appear.

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