Wednesday, May 10, 2017


We got seats with more leg room this time around. We did not fuss with the menus. I am excited and apprehensive. The turtle is boarding with our son. We have hired someone to care for the cats.

Are you excited?
Are you apprehensive?
Do you know
What you are?
I know the trip
Will be better
Than the last one,
Squished in the back row
With seats
That did not lean back,
With meals
That were all
Except for possibly
The vegetarian option.
I ordered kosher.
I understood kosher
Was always better.
The flight attendant
Was confused
At this cross-wearing person
Who did not care
If she opened the cover
Of the meal.
In the end
The kosher meal
Was still
Airline food.
Am I excited?
Am I apprehensive?
Do I know
What I am?
I will be
What I am
No less
No more
No kosher meal.

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