Thursday, April 20, 2017


Certain people do not have fingerprints. Me (for instance) or nurses or anyone who washes his her hands a lot.This was a new thing for me, though it seemed to be known to most nurses I ran into.

In the most recent vocation
I needed to turn in
My fingerprints
My fingerprints
Do not exist.
They had no contingency
For such a thing.
I thought to change my vocation
To bank robber
Except now
I can barely walk
Nor can I drive.
I would not be able
To get away.
Someone else
Would have
To drive
the get-away car.
I would most likely
Get the giggles
Picturing me
In the walker
Carrying a bag of money
Over my shoulder.
No fingerprints
Would be
The least of it.

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