Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nunc Dimittus

What if there's more than this?

What if the groundhog
Sees more than sun
Or shade?
What if the groundhog
Groundhog life and health
Or maybe even more?
What if the groundhog
Showing up
Is enough for us to imagine
Something different
Than this,
Something more
Than this?
What if the coincidence
Of groundhogs
And Jesus shown off
A babe in Mary’s arms
In the Temple
For the first time,
Recognized by Simeon and Anna
The oldest ones there
Signals yet another beginning,
Something new
Not sun
Or shade
But something new
Never before seen or heard?
What if the groundhog
Sees more than sun or shade
And Simeon can finally
Depart in peace?

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