Thursday, March 9, 2017


I'd like to say I do writing instead  but I'm not sure this is true either. I have a wonderful conversation with a friend about the different chapters in our lives. I am trying to figure out whether this is the writing chapter of my life.

Do you
ever play
Your guitar anymore?
He asks
In the middle
Of the 30th birthday dinner.
I think of one guitar
In the corner
Of the family room,
One guitar
Next to the bed
I think of singing
Wee baby moon
Lying in the sky
With its little silvery toes
In the air
I think of singing
A six year old
To sleep.
I don’t.
I am caught.
Why not?
He asks.
Why not?
I don’t know
I say.
He says
We move on
To the next subject.

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